Adirondack images

Paddling Seventh Lake near Inlet.

By Mary Burnham

This summer we’ve done some exploring in our old stomping grounds: New York’s six-million-acre playground, The Adirondack Park.

Summer is precious in the North Country. Skin warmed by the sun all day quickly chills by dusk. Fall is in the air of an August evening.

The smell of pine needles crunching underfoot, the shock of cold water after plunging from a rope swing, the last bloom of waterlilies as the first maples begin to turn.

Hope you enjoy these images of outdoor times spent with family and friends.

Bill with a new student on Trout Lake.

Celebrating friend's birthday at the top of Blue Mountain. Only two miles up, the trail is a killer, with steep slick rock face the last quarter mile.

Trying a new sport. Is that Bill...driving a boat with a MOTOR?

Bill and Mary at the Races - Saratoga, NY