Hiking Virginia

An Atlas of Virginia's Greatest Hiking Adventures
Falcon Guides, Second Edition, May 2004
National Outdoor Book Award, First Honorable Mention 2001


The complete and indispensible guidebook for Virginia trekkers. Detailed accounts of 45 hiking adventures, from seashore to mountain slope. State-of-the-art mapping and elevation charts, stories of moonshiners and pioneers, facts about geology and trees, and great places to eat and sleep off the trail. Maryís photography and Billís writing blend local history, nature and anecdotes.

Reviews of Hiking Virginia

"If you want to walk (Virginia), you need a guidebook, and I have discovered the best of the best of those guides" (Free Lance Star). Read full review

"...the guide both novices and seasoned hikers will consider a necessity." (The Daily Press)

"One of the finest Virginia guidebooks in print." (Portfolio)

"A+++ I haven't found a hiking book that is better laid out than this one! All hikes have great directions and maps as well as general information for the area. Make sure to get this one." HikingUpward.com

"Hiking Virginia...picks the finest of the hundreds (probably thousands) of places to hoof it in the Old Dominion. From northernmost Potomac to far southwest, the Burnhams take readers to a select few dozen of the best footpaths to discover the state's tremendous diversity, awesome beauty and meet some of its kind and gentle folk." (The Free Lance Star)