BurnhamGuides Newsletter

Spring 2005

March 16, 2005

E-gads! Our last newsletter was before Christmas!

FLORIDA: We’re busy paddling every inch (or so it seems!) of the Keys, nearing the deadline for our "Florida Keys Paddler’s Atlas” (working title) to be published by Globe Pequot this fall. We promise a guidebook unlike any on the market, more like an annotated chartbook of 100 four-color maps pinpointing places reachable only by kayak. Meanwhile, the new Florida Keys Overseas Paddling Trail, which sparked this project, is taking shape. Take a look at some of our photos for a sneak preview: http://www.burnhamink.com/work1.htm

VIRGINIA: We’ve just finished an extensive revision for the third edition of “The Virginia Handbook,” due out this fall, while the second edition of “Hiking Virginia” received a wonderful review from the Free Lance Star: http://www.burnhamink.com/work26.htm In another recent column, Paul Sullivan kindly mentions the passing of our Sasha, Trail dog supreme:

NEW FEATURE: Now you can listen to an original Keys musician while you view our site! Click from our home page (http://www.burnhamink.com) to hear "Shutters," off Micah’s new CD (he practiced this one on our porch on Thanksgiving). Visit his site to see where he's playing next: www.islandmicah.com

Once our deadline is met, we’ll be up in Virginia this summer for some more hiking adventures. Drop us a line if you want to join us!

Happy Trails!
Mary & Bill